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$65.00 per person
    • 7 days a week
    • 7 AM and 10 AM
    • Group tours available
    • Mask, snorkels and wetsuits


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    • 7 AM and 10 AM
    • Special Occasions- 1PM
    • Min of 4 persons. Max of 6.

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Who We Are: Swimming with the Manatees

Captain Mike’s is the #1 customized manatee tour located at King’s Bay in Crystal River, Florida. Our tours lets you swim with the gentle sea creatures along the warm Nature Coast waters.

Starting at just $ 45 per person, we invite our travelers to customize a variety of tours year-round.

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Aside from swimming with the manatees, our tour packages also consist of other adventures you can partake in. Our services are affordable and worth every experience.

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Captain Mike’s invites you to come snorkel or swim with manatees in the Crystal River along the Nature Coast of West Central Florida. Manatees abound in our 72 degree (year around) spring fed waters. Let these gentle creatures get close to you, they are inquisitive…but remember this is a wildlife encounter, not an amusement park.

Florida’s # 1 personalized Manatee Tour – Call (352) 571-1888 for reservations.

Captain Mike’s is an ecotourism guide service located in Crystal River, Florida. You will be thrilled by the glory of Florida nature at it’s finest. The Nature Coast is a birdwatcher’s and aquatic paradise. You may even catch a glimpse of the endangered Whooping Cranes that winter over in the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge. Many reasonably priced accommodations as well as restaurants, are available near our location in Crystal River.

We meet and exceed amenities of all Florida manatee tours.
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Manatees or sea cows are perhaps the humblest creatures on our planet. Their lovable appearance and peculiar mannerisms make them a favorite among Florida tourists, especially children. In recent decades, the Crystal River river area has emerged as one of the most often visited manatee habitats in the United States. The guided tours in this region attract tourists throughout the year to watch, touch and even swim alongside these magnificent sea creatures.

Crystal River is home to the Florida manatee, an endangered species and marine animal of Florida that weighs 1,000 pounds and grows up to 10 feet long on average. Manatees hang around in groups, so it is not uncommon to see hundreds of manatees swimming together in this region, especially in the blue springs of Crystal River.

We at Captain Mike’s “Swimming With The Manatees” provides guided manatee tours in the Crystal River area. We have the best boats and trained personnel in the area to keep the tours safe and enjoyable. A trip on the river in our large pontoon boats will be a unique experience for your family. Do you love to get in the water for airboat rides, snorkeling or kayaking? This is the place for you! Our friendly instructors will ensure that you have a wonderful and safe experience while exploring Crystal River’s breathtaking aquatic life, so you don’t have to look elsewhere for fun in the Florida sun.

The tour packages start from as low as $45 per person. Eco-Tours begin are an excellent way to view our wildlife without getting in the water.

Along with manatee tours, we offer many other attractions, including boating trips to the famous Crystal River blue springs. Manatees love the crystal clear water, where they gather together in the shallows and communicate with one another with funny sounds. Swimmers can visit Three Sisters Springs (also a manatee sanctuary) and SCUBA divers can visit Main Spring. After indulging in a variety of water sports, tourists can take a hiking trip in Citrus County or visit the Crystal River State Preserve. Nearby Pott’s Preserve and Flying Eagle provide horseback riding trails for tourists with the proper permits.

Swimming with manatees is a great experience for all ages and our expert team makes it safe and unforgettable. Call today to book a tour for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This is by far the best time I’ve ever had in Florida. Our captain went above and
beyond to ensure the most amazing encounter possible with these magnificent
creatures. The safety and well being of the animals was the #1 priority and that was
the most impressive part of our tour. I would recommend this tour to everyone!
by Lynn Priest – Nov 9, 2014
It was amazing to get up so close to [the manatees] and watch them. The staff was friendly and made us feel comfortable. This was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend Captain Mike’s Swimming With The Manatees.
by Casey B – July 29, 2016
Captain Scott was terrific, knowledgeable, and made sure we got to see and swim with the Manatees, could not have asked for a better Captain. Will be back for sure!! Best day of our lives, definitely a Bucket List!
by Cathy L – Sep 2, 2016
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