Why Should I Book with Captain Mike’s Swimming with the Manatees?

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There is no better way to swim with manatees in the spring-fed waters of Crystal River, Florida than with Captain Mike’s Swimming With the Manatees. That is, of course, if you want top-notch amenities, unwavering professionalism, accomodating flexibility and a guarantee of snorkeling with the gentle giants. At Captain Mike’s, a booking ensures you get a clean and stable boat, a personalized and private excursion, first class equipment, warm and friendly staff, and an exciting experience in the water with the manatees. And for as little $50, you will embark on a guided boat tour for about two hours, complete with snorkeling gear and a relaxed and stress-free environment for a gratifying outing.

Professionally Run Tours

Captain Mike’s tours are expertly run and family friendly. The tour begins at our full-service facility where you are educated about manatees in a classroom-type setting and learn tips on making the most of your day in the water. We endeavor to make sure that you master the principles of passive interaction, which allow the animals to enjoy the experience as well.

After the learning session, you are suited up and transported to the dock, where you get on your boat and immerse yourself into the amazing world of birds, fish and wildlife on your way to an experience with the manatees. While in the water, you get to have a dive master with you at all times, so you’ll never make the mistakes that are likely when snorkeling on your own.

Appealing Captains

Our captains are entertaining and amazing. They love the fun of being out there in the water and will always make sure you enjoy yourself and have a wonderful experience. You will have conversations about manatees and Florida sceneries. You will enjoy our captain’s stories and their knowledge. At all times, our captains will remain professional, including having a good rapport with you and your entourage.

Personal and Delightful Tours

While some operations seem to be crowded, Captain Mike’s offers private and personalized tours that are carefully tailored to suit the goals and needs of all clients. There is no possibility of being crowded out or your experience being dimmed by limited attention from your captain. In fact, the captain will know each member of your family or group and will make sure that all their interests and needs are taken care of. You will love every minute of your tour.

Clean, Comfortable Boats

Instead of going out in flimsy plastic rafts and basic pontoon boats, you can have that unforgettable outing in Captain Mike’s clean, heated, stable and secure boats. Here, we leave nothing to chance and the promise of outstanding excursions begins with boats that are sparkling and in great condition. The boats are clean, inside and out, and well taken care of. The wetsuits are comfortable and chosen for a good fit. What’s more, even on cold mornings in Florida, you will still have fun because the boats are heated and will provide adequate warmth.

Guaranteed Manatee Sightings

Our captains know exactly where to find manatees. A booking with Captain Mike’s is a sure ticket to swimming with these curious, gentle giants in their natural habitat. Depending on the time of the year when your tour is scheduled, you are likely to swim with manatee moms and their babies, see a couple of huge animals up close, or even get a kiss from a sea mammal. You won’t get out of the water without a close interaction!

Book With the Experts

Book your manatee tour with the experts and get the best conditions, good prices and an excellent chance of seeing the animals. We will ensure that you embark on your journey with a certified captain and enjoy the beautiful springs, crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife.

At Captain Mike’s, you can be sure that you will have a perfect day. For more information on our breathtaking manatee tours, visit the Captain Mike’s Swimming With the Manatees website.

Swimming with the Manatees boasts the best water adventure in Crystal River, Florida with lots of things to do for you and your family. For more information, contact us online, or call us at (352) 571-1888.

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