Summer is the Time for Florida Scalloping

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Have you always assumed that Florida is intolerably hot in summer? If so, you need to change your mind. While Florida is typically very warm in the summer, the sun and heat can offer some exciting experiences. Imagine spending your days enjoying the sun and cooling off with occasional dips or dives into crystal clear water. A huge variety of outdoor activities, combined with smaller crowds and incredibly low rates, may make summer the right time to visit Florida. And on top of it all, there is the opportunity to scallop.

Scalloping, a fun summertime activity

Every year, crowds of people flock to the shallow waters of Florida to enjoy scalloping during the summer. From south central and north to the Gulf Coast, in Steinhatchee, Homosassa and Crystal River, groups of fishermen, families, friends and coworkers congregate at select sites to search for scallops, which can be found in 4-7 feet of water. It’s an opportunity to swim through warm water, peering through masks and diving to collect the tempting scallops in mesh bags. Since scallops can be harvested from very shallow waters, scalloping is an easy, exciting and fun summer activity for all ages, offering delicious results at the end of the hunt.

The bounties of Crystal River

While there are many productive scallop sites in Florida, Crystal River is an ideal place to collect these underwater treasures. Boasting of the largest and most consistent numbers of scallops every year, Crystal River delivers an all-round summer experience for scallopers. The clear picture-perfect waters of Crystal River are often very calm, allowing a wonderful view of nature’s aquarium and offering ideal conditions for collecting scallops. The bathwater-warm Florida springs make it comfortable to slip into the water, look for scallops on top of the grass and spot them in the areas where the sand meets the edges of the grass beds. The sight of these amazing shells as they shimmer beneath or zigzag through the clear water will you a thrill no matter what age you are.

Florida’s two-gallon scallop limit

After you jump into the water, you will see the scallops hidden on the grass beds looking like Easter eggs. Look closer and they seem to produce a bluish glow as if there are tiny lights on the rims of their shells. Some also may appear to be swimming, propelling themselves through water by closing and opening their shells. You collect these tiny mollusks and put them in your mesh bag.

Since scallops are easy to find and collect in the summer, the legal daily limit per person for fresh, uncleaned scallops is two gallons. The two-gallon limit offers a generous quantity of delicious scallops for every person to savor at the end of every trip. If you want to clean your own scallops, it is usually an easy and painless process using a spoon or a simple shucking tool. There are also several ways to prepare scallops, including cooking in half-shell or lightly frying. No matter how you prepare your scallops, they will provide a superb treat for you and your family.

Extraordinary experience

Scalloping in Florida and snorkeling with manatees in one of Captain Mike’s high-safety, extreme-comfort and super-fast boats will be a memorable experience. The underwater treasure hunt is an eagerly anticipated activity every year with hundreds of people rushing to Florida for scallop season, typically from July 1 to Sept. 24. There are also other outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, fishing, biking, paddle-boarding, water sports and soft-adventure activities available in Crystal River in addition to scalloping that make for an unforgettable vacation.

If you are looking for a great summer outing with a delicious bonus at the end of your daily quest, Captain Mike’s scalloping adventure in Florida is ideal. With the help of experienced guides who know where to find scallops, Captain Mike’s guarantees that you have everything you need for your scalloping expedition. They can answer all your scallop-related questions and help you collect enough scallops per day for a satisfying treat at the end of your trip. For more information on summer scalloping tours in Florida, visit the “Captain Mike’s Swimming With The Manatees” site.


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