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Scallop Rentals

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Scallop Rentals.

Scalloping in Florida

Scalloping ToursScalloping is a fun thing to do, especially in the hottest and most humid of Florida summers, because you actually “fish” for the critters in the water.


It’s akin to a treasure hunt, but under water, as you go in search of these delicious bivalves that love to just hang out in gooey mud at the bottom of warm waters and near the bottom of long sea grass.

They’re fun to hunt for with friends or family. If you can snorkel, you can go scallop hunting!

 Scallop Rentals Available!

We no longer offer Scallop Tours, Captain Dan has retired. We do, however have a great selection of Pontoons available for rent during Scallop Season. With the rental we include a GPS, dive flag, anchor, all of the required safety equipment, and a detailed Map for your convenience.

Scallop Boats start from $255 (prices do not include tax or fuel).

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