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Manatee Tour Testimonials

How was your experience with the manatees? Write us a review here.

5 stars

The staff was so friendly!

What a great experience! The staff was so friendly. Captain Michael and Caleb (Thor) were great! If you are looking to swim with manatees this is the place to go!!

Domenica Brandon DeSalvo
September 3, 2018

5 stars

Such an amazing, unique experience!

Such an amazing, unique experience! Wade and Gavin were great guides – got us right up close and personal with several. They were both great with our kids as well and even took care of my littlest in the boat so we could enjoy our experience. I highly recommend!

Marie Kotnour Schalla
August 7, 2018

5 stars

Well worth the price!

Amazing experience… spiritual in many ways. My friend and I took the Platinum Tour, which is well worth the price. Captain Yves was an amazing tour guide. Very knowledgeable about the manatees and their behaviors, habitat, etc. I definitely recommend this amazing company!

Jeffrey A. Coffman
May 19, 2018

5 stars

Enclosed Heated Boat – Perfect For Cold Weather

We were very happy to choose Captain Mike’s because you will be very cold upon exiting the water in January or Feb. Captain Mike’s has an enclosed boat with a heater and I could not imagine being on one of the other boats that we saw without such. We were also provided with a good quality mask and wetsuit for the excursion.

The captain (also named Michael) easily directed us to the hotspots and quickly pointed out approaching mantaee so we would not miss them. An excellent experience and great value.

Justin S
February 3, 2018

5 stars

Helpful and have everything you need

Me and my partner rented a tandem kayak with anchor, snorkel and wetsuit here. They have change rooms to get in and out your wetsuit. If you don’t want the hassle of kayaking, they also have guided tours on motorized boats. They provide you with a map of the area and point out where manatees are sighted. Go early in the morning to see the most manatees. In the north of the area is a restaurant (Crackers) at the water where you can dock your kayak.

Pascal V
January 31, 2018

5 stars

Absolutely Fantastic

I am so very glad we decided to go with Captain Mike’s for our manatee experience! It was just a wonderful fun time! Our captain was Mike, and he was super! He was very informative, attentive, absolutely hilarious, and made the trip perfect! I can’t swim, but the noodles were perfect, also I hung on to my poor husband the entire time!! The manatees were just amazing to be around. Such wonderful sweet creatures. They swam right next to us and would lean on us, which was great! After we were done swimming Captain Mike had coffee, tea and hot chocolate waiting for us. He and his crew made it and brought it right to us. It was very welcome because it was only about 30 degrees that day! We were cold, but I wouldn’t change anything and would do it again in a minute! Thank you for giving my family and I a wonderful experience we will remember for a lifetime!

January 29, 2018

5 stars


Must do!!! Best part of our entire trip. Always wanted to see a manatee got to see hundreds! Captain Mike’s did an amazing job making sure we had a great tour. Can’t say enough great things ! Ready to go back as soon as possible!

January 27, 2018

5 stars

Wonderful day!

Wonderful day! Captain Yves was terrific and helped my non-swimmer husband build enough confidence to have a great time in the water. He is knowledgeable and explains things beautifully. Terrific experience. Thank you.

Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach
February 21, 2017

5 stars

Definitely a must if your in the area.

This was our first time and it was amazing! Captain Scott and first mate Brad were great. We saw so many mamatee with their help and had a great time swimming with them. Definitely a must if your in the area.

Stacy Nikitin
April 15, 2017

5 stars

Our tour was nothing less then the best.

Our Captian Scott was hilarious and extremely informative. He put us completely as ease. And made sure our tour was nothing less then the best. It will be a day that myself and my grandkids will never forget.

Cheryl Grooms
July 19, 2017

5 stars

Highly recommend these tours!

We had the time of our lives swimming with manatees! Captain Yves was so awesome – very funny, knowledgeable, and made this trip such a great experience. There were probably 20-30+ manatees we swam with today and Yves helped us navigate all the great spots to find them. Bucket list item fulfilled! Highly recommend these tours!

Amanda Pesch
February 1, 2017

5 stars

No words can explain how it feels.

Have done it twice once over Christmas with my parents which was unforgettable!! Being kissed by a manatee is awsome. They’re little eyes just look at you in wonderment as my eyes did with them.they are such a precious creature…went again in February….no manatees. Lots of schools of snooks. Still worth it. The manatees were in the sanctuary which is all good. If a person never does another thing in there life they need to do this. No words can explain how it feels…

Brenda Scott
February 17, 2017

5 stars

We had a fantastic tour!

well we had a fantastic tour. Captain Tom was the best guide and he did know exactly where to search for the manatees and was great to guide us the right way to the manatees from the boat when we was in the water.

David Raabo Revland
July 25, 2017

5 stars

Excellent service great friendly staff

This is my second time out with swimming with the manatees, excellent service great friendly staff, prices are great, equipment is fantastic, you can ask as many questions as you want the staff is very informational so if your not from the area don’t worry all of your questions will be answered, My biggest question was is there anything in this water that might hurt me, like Sharks or alligators, Nope there are none around, the lake is too busy, the water is so clean and clear the springs are absolutely amazing, you will have to see for yourself…I am from MA/CT and I am headed back in March 2017…can’t wait!!!!

Heather Sampson Valdes
February 6, 2017

5 stars

Our platinum tour with Captain Tom

What a glorious day we had in the water courtesy of Captain Tom! Not only was he nice, he was so knowledgeable and had a genuine love and passion for the manatees. He could feel our excitement as Chicagoans and anticipation to get up close with these wonderful creatures and did not let us down. We loved every moment of our tour and would come again in an instant! Thank you Captain Tom. You made a Chicago family love manatees even more. Much love to you and your grown up career. When we grow up we want to work at Captain Mikes!! Love from the Kovack Family!

Becky Kovack
March 28, 2017

5 stars

Bucket list, another checked off.

This was amazing and our guides were great. We saw a ton of manatee and the guide was so informative.

WE had a group of 7, kayaked and snorkeled. saw a ton of manatees and flying fish!! the springs were bubbling away. I would do it again. I think our guides name’s were JJ and ? ( sorry don’t remember ).

March 12, 2017

5 stars

Great day!

Everyone at Capt. Mike’s especially our guide Tom were great! Perfect time of year for swimming with manatees! It was a day I will never forget!

March 6, 2017

5 stars

What a day.

Captain Tom and guide Gina were great. The manatees where scarce the day we went. Those two worked so hard for us to find one. They did. We ended up seeing about 4 that day. It was a cold day so a lot of us boarded the boat early and saw a few from the boat. It was a great experience.

March 2, 2017

5 stars

Captain Mike’s Swimming With The Manatees tour was great!

We used Captain Mike’s and had Captain Tom for our tour on October 5th. He was a great laugh, knowledgeable, and did a great job finding the Manatees. We found 2 and it was great to swim with them. We also got to see the whole river section and snorkel different areas. Sadly we didn’t find more Manatees, but they are wild animals- so we understand they don’t just appear to order! It does also depend on the time of year. Great day-very happy. Mr and Mrs Manvell. England.

Michelle Manvel
Oct 8, 2016

5 stars

Definitely going to go again!

Decided to try this after reading an article in National Geographic on Three Sister Springs and the over wintering of Manatees in the area. An internet search came up with Captain Mikes tours. Reviews were good so off we went and booked a tour. Because you had to be there thirty minutes prior to the trip we decided to take the ten o’clock tour and not the seven o’clock one and stay overnight seeing as we were driving from Tampa and did not want to have a really early start. “As a bye line we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and would highly recommend it “. We stopped off a few times on our journey up and found several areas of interest for walks or cycling. That evening we went for a meal at Crackers bar and grill, watched an amazing light show thanks to Mother Nature while we ate our meal.

Thanks to Google maps we found Captain Mikes with not to much trouble and parking did not present any problem either. Once inside we were fitted out with our wet suits,snorkel and mask and then shown a video on the do’s and don’t ‘s when swimming with the Manatees. In all fairness they did point out that the video was shot in ideal conditions with crystal clear waters and I gather during the winter period due to the number of Manatees visible.
All of us were very excited and keen to get going. Our tour guide was Captain Tom and from the get go was telling tales and jokes and passing on information regarding our swim. We were told that due to the passing of Hurricane Hermine the waters in Kings bay were slightly murky but we would still be ok and around thirty Manatees were reported to be there. After passing other tour boats and asking about any sightings we finally found one, sleeping on the bottom, so we got ready and entered the water. The depth was only four feet but we were given noodles to aid our buoyancy because you had to float and gently doggy paddle to where the Manatee was. We were already prepared with our prior information and floated waiting for the Manatee to surface to breath then go back down to resume its sleep pattern. In our group was a family from New Jersey and one of them was fortunate to have a “Manatee Kiss ” as it surfaced. They are such gentle creatures and all on our tour were quite humbled by the whole experience. Even though we did not have the most favourable conditions we are definitely going to go again.

After the tour we stopped for something to eat and a cold drink at a local restaurant/bar on the water called the Margarita Breeze. Good food, drink and service. Just what we needed after an exciting morning.

Alun H
Oct 18, 2016

5 stars

This tour was great!

We were only in FL for a few days and made the drive up to Crystal River to see the manatees. I selected Capt Mike’s swimming with the Manatees mostly because we were staying at the hotel where the marina is and we scheduled the 7am tour. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and friendly. Capt Tom made sure we spotted and swam with the manatees even though it is not the prime season. All four of us had great encounters! Capt Tom was very good in spotting the manatees and pointing them out to us while we were in the water. All we had to do was look back at Tom, go where he pointed and enjoy! And enjoy we did! I plan to go back again, perhaps in the dead of winter to see the hundreds, but this tour was great!

Nov 8, 2016

5 stars

A Unique Experience on the Pontoon

I saw about five or six manatees today. The main experience that I had was the encounter with the calf; I got to rub its belly a bit. It put me in awe a little bit and wrapped up the whole experience for me. I’m from Virginia so right around this time of year it would be freezing outside, but with 72 degree water and sunshine, it can’t get any better than the Florida heat out here. I love it. Year round. I would totally recommend it. The boat ride is wonderful, they point out pretty cool things like John Travolta’s backyard in his summer house. It’s quite a unique experience on the pontoon.

Aug 31, 2016

5 stars

Most amazing activity in Florida

This is by far the best time I’ve ever had in Florida. Our captain went above and beyond to ensure the most amazing encounter possible with these magnificent creatures. The safety and well being of the animals was the #1 priority and that was the most impressive part of our tour. I would recommend this tour to everyone!

Nov 9, 2014


5 stars

manatee tour

Thanks Mike for a great tour. My wife and I.took the tour May 29th. Great tour with many manatee spotted and swam with. Great boat captain Rick. Very personable with lots of info about manatees and other local animals and fish.I recomend this tour very highly.

Jim Gribbin
May 29, 2014


5 stars

Awesome Awesome Awesome

On May 22nd 2014 my wife and I took a VIP manatee tour with Captain Mike’s Swimming With The Manatees. Before departing, we had to watch a manatee interaction video which outlined the do’s and don’ts of snorkeling with these majestic creatures. Basically the laws governing manatee interaction are very strict and well enforced, you are not to touch them or bother them in any way, you are just there to observe and swim or float along with them. So imagine our surprise when, after about 10 minutes in the water we were approached by a huge pregnant female manatee who began playing with us and following us around wherever we went. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget and can’t wait to do again. The staff is wonderful, very informative and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to swim with the manatees.

Seth Doherty
May 22, 2014


5 stars

Mother’s Day Tour

A HUGE thank you to Capt. Rick for the awesome Mother’s Day Manatee tour today. Although I didn’t have a camera on hand, I will never forget this day when one manatee floated up and looked me in the face!! Rick made sure we all had a chance to spend some time with the manatee’s that we engaged with. I will definitely pass along to our friends your tour if they are ever in the area. Thank you so much for a wonderful time!

Tom and Shirley
Sep 23, 2014


5 stars

Thank you for a wonderful day

Thank you so much for our wonderful trip. We had the boat and captain to ourselves and loved every minute. The water was cold but you soon forget this when you see the gorgeous manatees. We will certainly visit again.

Denise Whitley
Sep 23, 2014


5 stars

Total Wow, You Gotta Do It

We took our 9 and 6 yr old grandsons to swim with the manatees and the boys have not stopped talking about it one week later. The entire process was professional but super friendly and fun. The river ride was gorgeous and the manatees did come right up to us so they could gently be touched.There were plenty of people in the water but it did not matter for once you are in and floating along side these magnifcnet creatures, it is just you and them.

This was by far better than any theme park.

Thank you to all all at Captain Mikes for giving us an experience that surpassed our expectations.

Family of 4 from Maine.

Lyndyn Norgang
Sep 23, 2014


5 stars

Many thanks

Thank you for an unforgettable trip today. Our children were taught how to respect a wild animal and we all enjoyed a professional friendly company. The high light of our holiday. Thanks.

Chris York
Sep 23, 2014


5 stars

Just a GREAT Day!

We took the 7:00 A.M. Manatee tour with Captain Rick on Friday 3/7/14. It was chilly, but Captain Mike told us in advance that those days are best for swimming with the Manatees. He was right! Rick was a great host and the simple training we received came in very handy. We saw more Manatees than we have dreamed. This is a great tour and well organized right from the start. We highly recommend it. We will be back!

Steve Baker
March 7, 2014


5 stars


We took the 7am tour on Thursday, March 6th with Captain Rick. We had so much fun. It was amazing. The weather was kind of nutty and it was cold and it was STILL the best vacation excursion I have ever experienced. I am telling all my friends that they should do this. My kids really loved it. One of them was scared to do it at first and Rick really made it seem like no big deal and put my son at ease.Thanks so much!!!

Kim and John Marston
March 6, 2014


5 stars

Great Time With Captain Mike!

Took the tor in February and it was a great experience. Captain Mike was informative and funny. Saw and inter-acted with several manatee. Thanks for a wonderful memory.

Allyson House
Sep 23, 2014


5 stars

had a very good time

Hello: Capt . Mike
We all had a very good time today swimming with the Manatee, even thought I was a little bit afraid I braved it and came right into the water.
Today is Sunday 23 Feb. 2014.
Again thank you and God Bless you.
I’m also in the coffee business with Organo Gold Coffee.
My sight is and
Have a wonderful day
Hope to see you again soon

Feb 23, 2014


5 stars

Delighted fans!

We were on the Feb 15, 2014 early morning manatee tour. The tour and Capt Rick were mind-blowing! It far exceeded our expectations to swim with the manatees and made for a very memorable 12th birthday! Capt Rick couldn’t have been nicer or more personable, and really made our whole vacation a delight.Coming from Seattle, we didn’t know what to expect. The morning started out with a 10-minute gale that blew through quickly. The weather didn’t look too bad, but once we swam into the warm springs none of that mattered. There were so many animals and they were so friendly!

This will definitely be part of any future Florida vacation for us. Thank you again for the experience, and thank you Capt Rick!

Shafer family
Feb 15, 2014


5 stars

trip of a life time

just returned home from vacation in Orlando, the very best part was the river tour, swimming with the manatee was wonderful, (I even got a kiss), my husband was skeptical at first, but he left Florida saying that it was the best part of our vacation! and we are already talking about returning there! thank you for a wonderful experience.

Cheryl Vannette
Nov 9, 2014


5 stars

Excellent Adventure

I booked a private tour for my daughter, Mandi and I, in late August 2014. Traveling from New Jersey, this was one of our adventures planned for the week. We arrived and were pleasantly greeted by Captain Yves (Eves). I have been snorkeling many times, however, my daughter had never been snorkeling before. This was going to be an interesting challenge for her. Captain Yves made her, and myself feel very comfortable with our whole adventure. Captain Yves knowledge of the wildlife, the area and the manatees was amazing. He even poked a bit of fun at himself to help lighten any nervousness Mandi may have had.We ended up enjoying ourselves amongst a pod of 6 manatee that seemed to have as much fun interacting with us a we did with them. During the year, Mandi was tasked with a school project writing about and presenting to her classmates, a report on Manatees. This trip was a great way for me put her class room work into a perspective that many students never get.

I’m giving this review 5 Stars because that’s what Captain Yves and Captain Mike’s Swimming With The Manatees deserves. Our only disappointment on the trip was the water clarity this time of year. Obviously, this can’t be controlled. The knowledge of the team and the presentation of an outstanding tour, is second to none.

Mandi and I thank you. We hope to see you again soon with the whole family.

Robert Brink and Mandi
August 2014


How was your experience with the manatees? Write us a review here.

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