Are manatees friendly to humans?

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Are manatees friendly to humansIf you are planning a vacation with friends or family and want to make the most of your money, then Crystal River, Florida, is the place to go. With its wonderful springs, breathtaking crystal clear water, an abundance of wildlife, historic places and glorious entertainment, Crystal River offers a rare chance to interact closely with nature and wildlife. Here you can encounter manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, sharks and a wide variety of birds. And with crystal clear water that is pumped into the Gulf of Mexico from several springs in the area, Crystal River offers amazing and unforgettable views of various species of fish and marine life, without having to get your feet wet.

Manatee capital of the world

Crystal River is one of the two places in the world where you can see, interact and swim with manatees. Everywhere else it is illegal to swim with the manatees. Epic springs of a constant 72F temperature provide Crystal River with a natural habitat for manatees year round, but is particularly vital in the winter when the manatees flee from cold waters to avoid cold stress and possible hypothermia. Swimming with the manatees and traveling around the greater Kings Bay estuary and springs are popular ventures for nature lovers, photographers and revelers from all walks of life. Manatee tours are best enjoyed by snorkeling while wearing wet suits, but keeping the interaction as silent and gentle as possible.

Wide range of exciting activities

A visit to the gorgeous springs of Crystal River can be a source of great inspiration. You and your friends and family will be able to go to places where manatees nurture their young ones and be moved by the sight of manatee moms caring for their calves. Manatee mothers are extremely maternal, carrying their calves on their backs and doing everything they can to keep them safe and well nourished. Other activities you can enjoy in Crystal River include watching the sunset, hanging at the beach, fishing, hiking, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, alligator sightseeing, boat tours, wine tasting, and golfing at resorts.

Amazing day trips

Crystal River is one of the best places to explore even more areas of Central Florida. For instance, Orlando and Tampa are each just an hour and a half away, so if you desire to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of a big city, together with a quiet and relaxing place to enjoy your evenings, then Crystal River is the perfect place to go. In fact, during the evenings, you can retreat to Crystal River just to watch the sun go down at Fort Island Gulf Beach, a location that is off the beaten path, free to enter and supplied with picnic tables, pavilions and plenty of parking. Just a 20-minute drive to the South of Crystal River is the famous city of Homosassa Springs, with its natural and historic landmarks, great restaurants like the Riverside Crab House and the Green House Bistro & Market.

Crystal River offers a little something for everyone. Its natural beauty, eye-catching wildlife and plenty of activities and eateries make it ideal for every adventurer. But perhaps the most crucial reason to visit Crystal River is to see and swim with the manatees, an endangered species that requires our support and admiration to survive. Want to make your trip to Crystal River, fun and unforgettable? Visit the site “Swimming with the Manatees” for information to help you need plan for and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Swimming with the Manatees boasts the best water adventure in Crystal River, Florida with lots of things to do for you and your family. For more information, contact us online, or call us at (352) 571-1888.

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