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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy.

Manatee Tour Cancellation Policy

We require seven (7) days notification prior to your scheduled date for all of our tours and kayak rentals. This is consistent with airline, car rental agency and hotel policies. We will not refund short-notice cancellations. We pre-charge all credit card reservations for the cost of the tour or kayak rental. We have always required a credit card to hold a reservation. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of people reserve spots on a tour and then not show up. We make a commitment to you, who often travel long distances to get here, that you will have a seat on one of our boats. We need the same commitment from you that you will arrive and be on time (30 minutes before your scheduled departure time). Otherwise, we needlessly disappoint someone else who would have liked your space(s) on the tour and / or we pay a Captain that we did not need. This cancellation policy is to give us time to re-sell any seats left vacant and helps us keep our prices reasonable for you.

If for some reason an emergency were to arise, we have a remedy for that as well. If you have to cancel your tour within that 7 day period, no refund will be given; however, we will give you a voucher for the tour value that will be good for 1 year after your ORIGINAL SCHEDULED TOUR DATE, so that you can reschedule your tour. Thank you for understanding.

Cancellations Due to Weather

We do not cancel due to rain or fog, neither will effect your swim or interaction. During the height of the Manatee Season (November – March), the air temperature can drop below freezing, this is not an issue for swimming due to our warm waters maintaining a constant 72 degrees year around, and the protective wet suit that we provide; since this is an expected occurrence, we do not cancel for temperature variations either. We do however, cancel if lighting is reported within the area, or if sustained winds exceed 30 mph. All of our tours are performed in a protected bay where weather remains very consistent as well as our captains are licensed and trained professionals. We at Captain Mike’s place the safety of our guests above any other priority, rest assured we will take great care of you and your family.

ANYTIME2020 Promo Code Special

If you booked using the ANYTIME2020 promo code we do not honor refunds or vouchers for any tour purchased using this promo code. The client assumes all risks due to weather, conditions, experience, health concerns, natural disasters, acts of god, or any other concerns that may arise.

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