The Causes of Manatee Deaths and How To Prevent Them

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For the last decade, there are many researchers who have focused on the issue of manatee mortality and the threats to their survival.

This research has isolated the causes of manatee death, and many of these causes are related to human activity and negligence.

Manatees could quickly become extinct in the near future if these issues are not properly addressed and the public is not made aware.

Here are 6 categories in which manatee deaths fall into, according to scientists:

Collisions with Watercraft

Devastating crashes with the hulls and propellers of water vessels, are one major cause of manatee death, and a major threat to their survival. Large power vessels in shallow water also cause some manatees to become wedged between the boat and the ocean bottom, and crushed to death.

Water Structures: Flood Gates and Canal Locks

Too often, manatees become stuck in these water structure contraptions, such as flood gates and canal locks, and drown because they cannot move or get loose.

Natural Causes

Some manatee deaths counted in these studies are due to baby manatees dying from natural causes at the time of birth.

Other Human-Related Causes

Fishing nets, hooks, and litter, are more dangerous human-related threats to the lives of manatee. There is also poaching and a whole slew of other human activities that endanger the existence of manatees.

Other Natural Causes

Red Tide, pneumonia, gastrointestinal diseases, and stress from the cold, are other determined natural causes for manatee death.

Undetermined Causes

There are many manatees found that are too decayed for doctors and scientists to determine the cause of death. We can speculate that many of these uncategorized deaths fall into some of the human-related activities and negligence categories.

The main purpose of articles such as these and the research that supports them, is to educate, inform, and ask humans to follow the rules of the waterways and to do our part for manatee preservation.


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