If You Love Aquariums, You’ll Love Swimming With The Manatees More

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Are you curious about the mysteries of nature and the vast unknown underwater world? If so, consider diving beneath the waves of Crystal River for a personal encounter with unique life forms living underwater. Captain Mike’s manatee tour will take you to magical places of water wonders and unrivaled tranquility, where you can find total relaxation and inspiration from nature. As you hang out or swim with the manatees, you can share in the experience of exploring the Crystal River with its inhabitants. It is like being immersed in your own private aquarium.

Close Interaction with Manatees

During a manatee tour, you will interact with these gentle creatures from close quarters as they munch their food, and watch them lumbering in the warm waters of their habitat looking like big, soft, squishy gray pillows. Manatees are curious and playful, but are sensitive to movement and sound. You must remain quiet in the water and let them be the first to initiate interaction. If you are calm and gentle as you swim and float in the water, you will feel great and will find your time in the aquarium very relaxing and fun.

Great Boats and Friendly Guides

A manatee tour with Captain Mike’s will exceed your expectations. The captains and crew are friendly, knowledgeable and patient with tourists.They will help you get acquainted with the cruise and snorkeling gear and to master the rules for swimming with the manatees. The boats are clean and well-maintained, and wetsuits, water noodles, masks and snorkels are provided for the tour. Though the captains have no control over how many manatees you can see or interact with during your trip, they know how and where to find them. So you are guaranteed a terrific experience.

Calming Experience

Captain Mike’s manatee tours are relaxing and beautiful. The skilled captains will guide you through a hands-on interaction with these majestic creatures so you are able to remain still in the water and allow the manatees to come to you. You will love seeing the manatees roam freely and enjoy the amazing harmony of swaying gracefully in the water. The underwater interactive experience will entertain you and your family, offering a respite from your daily stressful routines and creating memories to last a lifetime.
Want to immerse yourself in a private aquarium? Visit the site Swimming with the Manatees to learn more on how to plan for and enjoy a memorable manatee tour.

Swimming with the Manatees boasts the best water adventure in Crystal River, Florida with lots of things to do for you and your family. For more information, contact us online, or call us at (352) 571-1888.

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