How To Prepare Scallops

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Scalloping is one of biggest attractions of Crystal River, creating a sort of madness at the marinas and boat ramps during high scallop seasons, delivering one of best eating and family fun around the globe. Blessed with a delicious adductor muscle, scallops offer a sweet, edible “roe” and “mantle” that make one of the most delicious meals for outdoor enthusiasts. Fresh scallops taste quite good, regardless of whether they are eaten raw, baked or fried. So how do you open a scallop shell, clean its gills and belly, and savor it in its natural form?

Holding the scallop

Once you find a scallop, you will need to clean it and cut away its edible muscle. Simply take the scallop into your hand with the curved side of the shell next to your fingers and the flat side next to your thumb. Get a firm grip on the shell ensuring that you hold it hard enough to enable you to cut and break the hinges of the shell.

Breaking out a scallop

With the scallop in your hand, you slide a cutting device (usually a knife) into its shell to allow you to slice off the top of the shell. The knife is slid from the top of the shell and then twisted carefully to ensure that the hinges are broken. You need to move the knife downward along the flat side of the shell to enable you to free the meat of the scallop. You also may use a spoon to open up the shell completely in order to release the meat of the scallop from the bottom shell.

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Obtaining scallop meat

Since only the white flesh or muscle of the scallop is eaten and not the other internal organs, you should ensure that the meat is separated cleanly from the rest of the organs. You do this by pulling off the black stomach sack, the frill and any other pieces of tissue surrounding the white meat of the scallop. Discard all these parts so you only have the white flesh and any other edible coral. Or you can use your knife to carefully scrape the guts from around the white muscle, discarding the guts and using your knife to cut away the muscle carefully into a clean container. You can repeat this from one half of the shell to another until you have obtained clean meat.

Eating the scallop meat

After separating scallop meat from the rest of the organs, make sure to rinse the meat thoroughly in cold water. You can eat it raw, squeezing on a few drops of lime juice and a few dashes of pepper and salt to taste. Scallop meat also can be baked or fried. Regardless of how it is prepared, fresh scallop meat is a wonderful way to end your perfect day with your family on the waters of Crystal River. The meat is so delicious that you will definitely want more of it after your first experience.

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