How Long Do Manatees Live?

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ManateeEndangered animals need to be watched closely and monitored to see what we can do to preserve their species; this makes it much easier to monitor how long a manatee lives. Scientists believe manatees have the potential to live 50 to 60 years. The reason we say potential is because many manatees do not live nearly that long.

This is why they are an endangered species.

Manatees do not have natural predators but yet they are injured and often die from those injuries. These injuries are due to speed boats and other motorized water vehicles with unsuspecting captains.

Many captains of these vessels do not see the manatees and hit them unknowingly causing injuries the manatees cannot recover from. The boats do not need to be going very fast to do a lot of damage- as little as 15 to 20 mph.

Manatees are often drawn to areas where people try to feed them. They return often to those places because it is easy food for them but other boaters do not know the manatees are under the water and hit them.
Due to the conservation efforts the manatee population has been increasing. There are laws in place to keep them safe so they can eventually be a thriving species that will live to full age of 50 to 60. These beautiful animals need to be protected along with their homes. Other large reason manatees are dying before their time is due to habitat destruction; another thing the conservation efforts have dramatically improved upon.


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