History of Captain Mike’s Swimming With The Manatees

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Are you looking for a glorious day out in Crystal River? Do you want a thrilling and memorable encounter with the manatees? Or are you planning for a vacation in Florida and just want to get the best value for your money? If so, then Captain Mike’s Swimming with the Manatees is the ideal tour company for you.

Leading provider of manatee tours

Founded under the name Sunshine River Tours with the aim of providing customized manatee tours, Captain Mike’s has grown from a startup offering standup manatee tours into Florida’s leading provider of a broad range of services, including kayak, boat and scallop rentals. Located just a few minutes away from Crystal River, an area with the largest concentration of manatees worldwide that hosts about 600 manatees every winter, Captain Mike’s enables tourists, adventurers and nature lovers to see, swim and snorkel with manatees with great ease. At Captain Mike’s, tours are tailored for people of all ages to let them experience the beauty of manatees up close. Wetsuits, masks and snorkels are also provided by the company to ensure that every tourist gets a one-of-a-kind, safe and unforgettable experience.

Unsurpassed service

Booking with Captain Mike’s Swimming with the Manatees not only guarantees a wonderful encounter with manatees, but also ensures a matchless service. At Captain Mike’s there is no trouble with travel arrangements and parking space. Instructional videos are provided to ensure that adventurers know what to do while in the water and avoid any fines for unauthorized interactions with the manatees. The crew members are extremely knowledgeable about both the Crystal River and the manatees and ensure the tours are successful through exciting tales, jokes and information on how to swim with manatees. The company also offers daily, year round tours, enabling everyone who wishes to see and swim with the manatees to plan for their vacations at any time of the year.

Safety, comfort and convenience

Captain Mike’s has an unwavering commitment to the safety, comfort and convenience of all its clients. Captain Mike’s makes all the necessary arrangements to ensure that trips are designed professionally, reservations are made with utmost ease and directions are provided both to the Nature Coast and the pickup points. Likewise, the company provides information on some of the best things to do in the local area, including dining and accommodations, making it easier for tourists to plan for their trips.

Captain Mike’s platinum tours include beverages and snacks, while services such as scallop, boat and kayak rentals ensure that a visit to Crystal River is as fun and memorable as possible. For more information, visit the “Swimming with the Manatees” site.

Swimming with the Manatees boasts the best water adventure in Crystal River, Florida with lots of things to do for you and your family. For more information, contact us online, or call us at (352) 571-1888.

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