4 Great Adventures to Try in Crystal River, FL

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Located in Citrus County, about 90 miles to the north of Tampa, Crystal River is a tranquil community offering a lot of fun and adventure for nature-loving tourists and other visitors. Its strategic location along the “Nature Coast” of Central Florida and the almost constant 72-degree temperature of its springs make it one of the few places where you can swim with manatees, particularly in the winter. Connecting Kings Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, Crystal River is a six-mile-long waterway fed by about 30 springs, creating an eco-tourism paradise that offers virtually every kind of aquatic activity, including diving and swimming, water skiing, camping, hiking, kayaking, boating and fishing. Here are four great adventures to try in Crystal River, Florida.

1. Swimming with manatees

Crystal River is just one of the few places in Florida where native manatees congregate every year during the winter. The town boasts of springs and rivers that have a balmy 72-degree temperature throughout the year, attracting hundreds of manatees that cannot survive in the colder waters in other areas of Florida. In fact, there are many sites in Crystal River, such as the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge and the Crystal River State Archaeological Site, that have been created specifically to protect and preserve the endangered species. With hundreds of manatees in its springs and rivers, Crystal River offers tourists the chance to see and swim with manatees. When you visit Crystal River, make sure to try swimming with manatees for a fascinating and memorable experience.

2. Scalloping

If you are looking for a breathtaking and unforgettable underwater adventure, then Crystal River is the place to go for recreational scalloping. It is a fun and family-friendly water escapade that requires only a mask, flippers, snorkel, and a charter captain. You can dive into the water, float quietly and patiently on the surface and observe the wonderful world of various plants, fishes and coral while scalloping. There are plenty of scallops in the waters of Crystal River, but they are hard to spot and you will need to dive in, search around and grab yours before someone else does. You will have a wonderful time sharing a new experience with your friends and family as you look for scallops in the beds located in the shallow waters. You must try scalloping when you visit Crystal River. The experience is incredible!

3. Boat rides

While thrill-seekers want to ride, slide and glide in the warm waters of Florida while sampling the beautiful mangroves, marshes and backwaters, Crystal River also is the place to be for amazing boat rides. Watching the birds, fish and dolphins while taking in the sights and sounds of backwater salt-marshes will leave you begging for more. In fact, whether you choose an airboat safari, gulf airboat ride, dolphin quest, sunset airboat tour, pontoon tour or any other kind of boat ride, you will have the chance to witness Florida in all its native beauty. The well-equipped boats will allow you to glide through the waters with utmost comfort and safety. There is nothing more awesome and fun than a boat ride on Crystal River. Make sure you try it when you visit Florida.

4. Kayaking
Kayaking is a great way to explore the waterways of Crystal River and enjoy the natural beauty of its undisturbed backwaters, forests, islands and inlets. Kayaks are stable, easy-to-use and ensure that a boating trip is quiet enough to enable you to get closer to manatees, birds, fish and wildlife of all kinds, particularly in and around the shallow waters. Kayaking in Crystal River is also an excellent way to get a fun day out with friends, bond with workmates and outdoor enthusiasts, relieve stress, get quality aerobic exercise and tone your tummy. You can rent a kayak from one of the operators in Crystal River and get out there for a terrific paddling trip.

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