Do Not Disturb the Manatees!

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Manatees are beautiful majestic creatures, but they are also in need of our help. There are laws in place to help them and we need to stick to them no matter how much we want to help. What we consider help is actually hurting them.The Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act consider habitat modification or degradation “where it actually killed or injuries wildlife by significantly impairing essential behavioral patterns, including breeding, feeding, or sheltering.”


You may think it is helpful to feed them when you pass by but really you are disrupting the flow of their ecosystem. You are introducing something they will not readily have available all the time. This is also dangerous because manatees may think it is OK to approach boats. This may be the most dangerous thing for them; many manatees get injuries from boating accidents.

During the warmer months of the year manatees may congregate to engage in mating activities. When people see these congregations they want to have a closer look, but this is also against the law. This is disturbing the mating behavior and could mean one less manatee born into the ocean.

We all have choices to make in life and your choice should always be to protect this species. All of your actions and choices have consequences; don’t you want your consequences to be good ones?

If you want to help save the species you can get involved in groups that advocate for protection of sea grass beds, rivers and springs. These are where the manatees get their food and water from. You can also be the eyes and ears from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission if you see something out of place.

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