In order to abide by the latest recommendations of groups of 10 or Less, we are only accepting reservations for Private Tours.
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  1. Customers are to bring and wear at all time their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is any equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from infection – i.e. surgical mask, goggles and gloves).
  2. Customers will be asked to be temperature checked (no contact / touch free forehead infrared thermometer).
  3. Customers with a temperature of 99 degrees or above will not be permitted on the tour and will be advised to SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION ASAP.
  4. If any customer refuses to be temperature checked or wear PPE at all time (in the shop, in the bus and on the boat) they cannot go on the tour.
  5. Customers will be asked to watch Manatee Manners video on their cell phone.
  6. Customers will not be provided anymore snacks, toasted bagels or hot cocoa / coffee. If they want to customers may bring drinks and food with them.
  7. Customers are strongly advised to provide their own mask, snorkel and wet-suit.
  8. Customers who needs them will be provided with sanitized masks and snorkel sets.
  9. Customers are not required to wear a wet-suit for the manatee swims between July-October.
  10. Customers who need them will be provided with wet suit if they absolutely need to wear one.
  11. Our staff and Captains will be wearing PPE at all time and will strictly stick to the “Social Distancing” rules (6 feet away from customers).
  12. Customers are required to be respectful of “Social Distancing” rules and of everyone space.
  13. Customers have to understand that the staff / captains cannot IN ANY WAY assist them in and out of their wet-suit, in and out of the boat, or / and in and out of the water.
  14. Customers understand that in the unlikely event that CPR is needed it will have to be one of their group / familly to perform said CPR.
  15. Customers will wear their PPE (surgical masks and gloves) at all time during the tour. They will place their surgical masks in a safe place only upon wearing their dive mask and snorkel immediately prior to entering the water. Customers will be asked to wear their glove at all time.
  16. At the end of each swim the customers will hold on to their mask and snorkel and place their surgical masks back on ASAP.
  17. Once the tour has been completed the customers will place the masks and snorkels provided by the shop in a 5 gallon plastic pail (filled with water and 15 ounces of bleach and where they will soak for at least 20 minutes) on board our boats.
  18. The customers will ensure that the wet-suits they were provided by the shop are turned right side out (by the customers) prior to placing them for sanitation purposes in a Rubber-Maid trash can placed onboard our boats where they will soak in a solution of water and OdoBan® for at least 20 minutes.
  19. Customers will ensure that they take with them all their personal gear prior to leaving the boat.
  20. Any personal gear has to be either onboard with the customers or kept in the customers’ vehicle. No personal gear can be left at the shop.


  • The shop is to be ventilated immediately upon opening.
  • The staff is to wear PPE and maintain Social Distancing at all time when on premises, in the bus and on the boats.
  • The staff will not touch anything the customers (or other staff members) will drink or eat.
  • Our boats are to be sprayed with a bleach solution at the end of every tour ended to ensure sanitation.
  • All the shop’s wet-suits are soaked with OdoBan® for at least 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinsed and dried to maintain sanitation.
  • The shop is to be wiped with a bleach solution right before closing.

These precautions may change with newer developments.

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