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Commonly Asked Questions About Swimming with Manatees

Commonly Asked Questions About Swimming with Manatees.

Commonly Asked Questions About Swimming with ManateesThe best way to satisfy your curiosity about manatees is to get in the water and swim with them!

Swimming with these gentle marine mammals presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to come into contact with an aquatic animal that has inspired tales of mermaids and is considered sacred in some cultures. The manatee is one of the largest peaceful, intelligent herbivores in the sea. Naturally, there are questions regarding the practicality of coming into contact with any wildlife in their natural environment. Guided tours like those available through Captain Mike’s Swimming with Manatees offers a way to make this dream vacation a reality.

What is the Minimum Age for Swimmers?

One of the most commonly asked questions about manatee tours is whether there are age restrictions. Most people would like their children to enjoy the experience with them. In fact, swimmers of any age are welcomed as long as they have a good understanding of water safety. Children should be accompanied by adults and be able to follow basic instructions regarding friendly interaction with other swimmers and the manatees. In the interest of comfort and safety, wearing a wet-suit is recommended for all ages.

What’s Involved in a Manatee Tour?

Tours typically last from three to five hours. This allows the manatee time to become comfortable with swimmers and approach them. Swimmers should not attempt to initiate contact, but rather they should wait until the gentle animals choose to come to them. It is not recommended for anyone to attempt to corner or force a manatee to interact. Waiting quietly will make the swimmer more approachable and welcoming. Manatees are intelligent and naturally curious, so swimmers do not normally have to wait long before one or two will want to interact.

What Should Swimmers Bring for a Swim with Manatees?

When taking a tour, anyone who wants to enter the water should bring a towel and a bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit. Most swimmers will find that taking along a sweatsuit or warm, loose clothing to warm up in after leaving the water is a good idea. Anyone wanting to preserve the memory of this experience will be glad they brought a camera. Oddly, these friendly creatures seem to understand they are being photographed. They react positively to swimmers taking “selfies” with them, sometimes even appearing to strike a pose.

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