5 Beautiful Animals You Might See in Florida

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Florida’s climate lends itself to being an ideal location for many different species of animals. It is migration nation for many birds and animals who would not otherwise survive the harsh climate of the north east. If you are traveling to the area keep these animals in mind and see how many you can spot.

Red Cockaded Woodpeckers – These birds are southern birds all year round and reside mainly in pine trees. They usually peck at trees that are infected with the red heart fungus as this makes the tree softer and easier to create holes in. After the cavity is pecked the tree “bleeds” pitch around the hole making it impossible for tree climbing snakes to get into the nest.

Whooping Cranes – This is an endangered breed, if you see one of these majestic animals consider yourself extremely lucky. They once were thought to be down to a population low of only 15 birds at one time, they now are estimated to have over 400 birds. There is a non migratory population that resides in Florida.

Manatees – Also known as the sea cow, manatees are vulnerable to extinction worldwide but in the US they’re endangered. Manatees are typically injured due to human neglect, many in boating accidents. Manatees also have a long gestation period of 12 months and typically only have one calf making it a long process to repopulate. These are the main focus of our tours, so it’s best to read up on these beautiful creatures!

Lizards – If you are from the north you are used to frogs or toads roaming around freely, well this is a fast moving cousin of them. There are many breeds to watch out for like the Mediterranean Gecko (pictured left) but know they are more afraid of you then you are of them.

Crocs and Alligators – Yes they are different species but they are both very similar and both are located in Florida. Many people who live in Florida have learned to live with them and know how to handle situations, if you are not and you see one your best bet is to just steer clear.


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